Journey to Castle Raven Commendations

Commendations of the previous version of Journey to Castle Raven:

The Dark Tower, the second book of the Glaston Chronicles series, delivers a powerful message to young people about the dangers of the occult and the real spiritual battle we face between good and evil. Donal Foley has written a thrilling adventure story that engages the reader immediately. Most profound is the story behind the story of three young people who rely on their faith, prayer and forgiveness to bring good out of evil and the redemption of one who sought to destroy them. Catholic readers will especially appreciate how these elements of the faith are the weapons that produce a victorious ending.”

Barb Ernster, Communications Manager/Editor, World Apostolate of Fatima, USA

“The essential theme of The Dark Tower—of the spiritual war, of holiness, of the supernatural and the occult, of good and evil—is profound and, I believe, essentially true and will, I hope, help people.”

Fr. Jeremy Davies, author, CTS booklet, Exorcism

Readers’ comments about the previous edition of Journey to Castle Raven:

The Dark Tower is an excellent book! Great balance of historical fact woven into a fictional book. This is something that all Catholic youth should be reading. It empowers the heart, mind and soul and lifts them up to God and things that are eternal. Every person …. young and old needs media that leaves a true “feel good”. The current culture leaves our youth empty and seeking. This book leaves them full and pointed in the right direction.”                       Brenda L., Minneapolis, MN

“I loved the Dark Tower! It has a very interesting story line, where the suspense builds page by page. It’s so intense that putting the book down is hard to do. I very much appreciate the inclusion of praying the rosary, attending Mass, and going to confession. It’s important for my grandchildren (some of which are now 15 and 16 years old) to be aware of the power and protection available to Catholics through the use of these prayers. Somehow I got the feeling there will be even more sequels in the future. I hope so. The Dark Tower is a great book!”                          Michael G., Cleves, OH

“I just finished reading the Dark Tower, the second volume of the Glaston Chronicles (I finished it in one sitting!). It was INCREDIBLE! I also think it extremely relevant to our times. People need to know that the devil is all too real and that people like Emil and his followers do exist. Donal Anthony Foley has again managed to create a massively captivating story while conveying profound truths of our Faith as well”                                                                      Nicole S., Fall River, MA

“I am happy to read the stress on the dangers of the occult in the Dark Tower. I believe that this subject is absolutely under-treated in our culture, but that it is one of the most sinister forces operating today. Emil’s fascination with magick and relativism is certainly relevant, and the description of his castle, especially the Chess Room, is truly eerie. Again, it is so important for people to realize the seriousness of the occult – it is like an addictive drug and is so widespread in our culture. The Dark Tower has a really fantastic ending, I loved the book! I can’t wait for the next one!”                   Kim C., Green River, WY