Reviews of the Glaston Secret

A review of The Glaston Secret by Donal Anthony Foley, from Steve McEvoy at Book Reviews and More:

“If you have read and enjoyed books like Narnia, The Chime Travelers, and the lesser known Mr. Baker’s Book Series you will love this book. But geared for older readers than the last two. If you appreciate historical fiction with a twist, this is one for you. If you just love a very well written story, give this one a try. It was masterfully executed.”

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These are links to some reviews/blog entries for the previous version of the Glaston Secret:

Review by Erin McCole Cupp on her Open Book January (December’s Reads) section on her site: “I was approached by the author with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. It didn’t take much arm-twisting to get me to accept. British time travel with a Catholic twist, geared towards teens (two of which I now parent)? I am relieved and delighted to say this was a rip-roaring good time of a read! Besides the fast-paced adventure, the story illustrates a number of big questions that the YA audience is just starting to tackle: Does God matter?  Does prayer actually make a difference?  Why doesn’t God always answer our prayers? Highly recommended for the YA set… and maybe even for yourself!”

Eric Hester reviews The Secret of Glaston Tor by Donal Anthony Foley: “There is an excellent plot for children, gripping the attention, but underneath it has real lessons about the power of prayer. As in the best books of this genre – those of Lewis and Tolkien – the understory becomes clear but it is not made obvious in a heavy or laboured way. The real battle is between good and evil. We are gently led into considering the power of prayer, the nature of a true wish, and how the desires of the heart, connect all these together. All this is put across with fine story-telling with suspense, secrets, excitement and escape from danger.”

A Catholic Novel for 11-15 Year olds, A Review by James Likoudis“The Secret of Glaston Tor with its unabashed Catholic atmosphere is a gripping adventure tale that can be recommended for older teenagers as well. It is available from as well as from for $11.99 plus shipping.”

Mary Ann Kreitzer of Les Femmes – The Truth blog reviews The Secret of Glaston Tor: “I recently read the first in a new historical fiction series for young adults called the Glaston Chronicles. I’m impressed enough to give it to grandchildren for Christmas. Take a look at the review and see whether this is something your children or grandchildren would like!”

Blog / Review by Francis Phillips in the online edition of the Catholic Herald: 
“This World War Two time travel story offers children an alternative to vampires and Harry Potter. Mixing war, smartphones and the legend of Glastonbury, The Secret of Glaston Tor is an exciting tale.”

Review of The Secret of Glaston Tor by Martin Blake: “A new series of stories directed chiefly at teenagers has  just been launched by Donal Anthony Foley of ‘Theotokos Books’.  The first of the Chronicles of Glastonbury was published this year and  should prove a useful tool in the New Evangelisation. ‘The Secret of Glaston Tor’ is well written … and without overdoing the religious element Foley makes this a deeply Christian story …”